In-Home Display (IHD)

In-Home Display (IHD)

    Melange Systems In-Home Display (IHD) is a portable electronic device provides interactive user interface to the metering customers. IHD features wireless networking capabilities to display the energy consumption and various other messages originated from the metering utility. Device also has provision to register pre-configured complaints about billing and certain services.

  • Processor : ARM™ Cortex™ - M4 Processor Operates up to 72 MHz
  • OS Storage : On Board 256 KB Flash
  • Main Memory (RAM) : 64KB
  • Operating System : MQX RTOS Ver 3.8/4.1

  • Communication Interfaces
  • On Mini USB Connector supports up to 115200 baud
    • On Board Tarang P20 / UT20 / WLAN Module
    • 20dBm, 2.4 GHz / 865-867 MHz Operation
    • ZigBee / 6LoWPAN / WLAN Network Stack
    • External Antenna Connector

    User Memory
  • SD Card Memory
    • Push type Micro SD Card Connector
    • Supports cards with capacities up to 32 GB

    User Interface
    • Display : LCD screen, 128x64 dots, 70 x 40 mm (View area)
    • Keypad : 4 Key high-quality membrane keypad

  • Power Supply : In Built AC-DC converter.

  • Others
  • RTC : On board high-precision RTC with battery (Coincell).
  • Enclosure : High Impact ABS
  • Mounting : Table top and wall mountable
  • Status Indications
    • Mains Indication
    • Internal DC-DC Status
    • Transmit and Receive events of all the communication interfaces
    • Network status indications of all the communication interfaces

  • Available in Wi-Fi, 6LoWPAN and ZigBee compatible versions.
  • IHD 6LoWPAN variant supports direct communication with smart meter in the vicinity and displays Meter serial number, Make, Meter Date and Time, Active Energy, Instantaneous Voltage, Instantaneous Current, Instantaneous power and Frequency.
  • IHD Wi-Fi compatible variant connects to the cloud through the available internet connection and displays all the parameters defined by the utility.
  • Supports multiple message queuing with display scrolling attributes.
  • Audio and Visual alerts on new message arrival.
  • Provision to register complaints to the utility, complaints are selectable from pre-programmed list.

For more information, Please contact Melange Systems.