Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)

image RF DCU Data Concentrator Unit

    Melange Systems Data Concentrator Unit (RF DCU) is an intelligent device gathers data from group of connected Smart Meters without any human intervention and uploads it to the remote server over a WAN. DCU also has capability to push energy meter data to the Head End Server System, in case of events like tamper .etc. These units are designed for the fixed RF mesh networks and available in IP65 enclosures suited for outdoor applications.

  • Processor : ARM™ Cortex™ - M4 Processor Operates up to 72 MHz
  • OS Storage : On Board 256 KB Flash
  • Main Memory (RAM) : 64KB
  • Operating System : MQX RTOS Ver 3.8/4.1

  • Communication Interfaces
  • RS232 On DB9 / DIN Connector supports up to 115200 baud
  • LPRF
    • On Board Tarang P20 / UT20 Module
    • 20dBm, 2.4 GHz / 865-867MHz Operation
    • ZigBee / 6LoWPAN Network Stack
    • External Antenna Connector
  • 2G Cellular Module
    • Quad-band operation
    • Protocol support for PPP/ TCP/ UDP/ HTTP/ FTP/ SMTP/ SSL
    • Push type SIM Connector
    • External Antenna Connector

    User Memory
  • SD Card Memory
    • Push type Micro SD Card Connector
    • Supports cards with capacities up to 32 GB

  • Power Supply : In Built AC-DC converter.
  • Optional Battery & Management : On-board 3000 mAh battery, battery management & charging circuit with mains monitoring.

  • Others
  • RTC : On board high-precision RTC with battery (Coincell).
  • Status Indications
    • Mains Indication
    • Charging Indication
    • Internal DC-DC Status
    • Transmit and Receive events of all the communication interfaces
    • Network status indications of all the communication interfaces

  • Built-In RF and GPRS modules interfaced with powerful ARM ® Cortex ® - M4 Processor.
  • Supports ZigBee or 6LoWPAN RF Mesh networks.
  • Maintains complete database of the smart meters available in the local RF mesh cluster.
  • Periodically downloads Billing, Tamper and Load survey data from meters.
  • Client mode of operation with SMS configuration of APN, Remote Server IP, Port .etc
  • Uploads acquired meter data to remote server over WAN, configurable upload interval.
  • Immediately pushes the meter data to Head End System on tamper events.
  • IP65 Enclosure, Suitable for outdoor operation.
  • Powered from standard AC supply.

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