image SPark - POSxx Smart Parking sensor

Best-in class parking occupancy detector. Available in FSK or LoRa® technology wireless modulation schemes. Highly reliable, rugged, IP68 qualified enclosure. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use with smart cities, shopping malls, convention centres, public or private parking areas.


Melange Systems SPark - POSxx Parking sensor with its reliable detection system provides the easiest way to detect the vehicle occupancy in a parking slot. These devices operate in 865 to 867 MHz license free wireless band and are available in FSK and LoRa® Technology modulation schemes. Sensors are packaged in a rugged water proof plastic enclosure and provide surface mounting option, makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor deployments. Detection is ensured if 100% of the sensor detection area is positioned under the vehicle body. It is advised to place the four wheel parking sensors on the floor, preferably at the middle of each parking slots. Detection of the vehicle occupancy and intimation to the nearest proprietary network router / LoRaWAN™ gateway takes place within 5 seconds from the parking event. Device alive - beacons are sent out to the wireless gateway periodically on a configured interval not less than fifteen minutes.


  • Power Supply : In-built battery up to 5 years life
  • Operating Frequency : 865 - 867 MHz License free band (FSK / LoRa®)
  • Supported Networking Protocol : Proprietary Stack / LoRaWAN™
  • Packaging Rugged, high impact plastic enclosure with IP68 protection
  • Operating Temperature : -10 to 70 degree
  • Time to detect : < 5 seconds
  • Beacon Interval Configurable (Min 15 Min)
  • Mounting Surface (with screws or gum)
  • Detection Area Maximum : 400 mm (ground clearance of vehicle)
  • Dimensions : Ø122 mm x 25 mm
  • Load capacity : > 20 T
  • Dimensions (Height) : < 30 mm