image TagIoT™-SATxx

Compact asset tracking sensors for assorted tracking requirements. Available in FSK or LoRa technology wireless modulation schemes. Optional movement detection and sensor interface. Ideal for enterprise asset management, warehouse management, people or mining equipment tracking.


Melange Systems TagIoT™-SATxx series asset tracking sensors provide a smart solution to track fixed or moveable assets. These portable devices are powered by an in-built coin cell and provide more than five years life-span. Wireless operation takes place in 865 - 867 MHz license free band (India) and devices are available in FSK and LoRa® Technology modulation schemes. Asset tracking sensors are packaged in a rugged water proof plastic enclosure with tab mounting option makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor deployments Sensors are capable to detect the asset movement, thus reporting it to the parent router/gateway and adjusting it's periodic update interval. Asset tracking sensors are configurable for it's device id, Network ID / PAN ID, channel for wireless operation, periodic update interval in stationary and movement modes, enabling or disabling of it's movement detection feature, etc. Detection of the movement and first intimation to the router/gateway takes place within 5 seconds from the event.


  • Power Supply : In-built battery up to 5 years life*
  • Operating Frequency : 865 - 867 MHz License free band (FSK / LoRa®)
  • Supported Networking Protocol : Proprietary Stack / LoRaWAN™
  • Packaging Rugged, water proof plastic enclosure with mounting tab
  • Operating Temperature : -10 to 70 degree
  • Time to detect : < 5 seconds
  • Beacon Interval Configurable (Minimum 60 Sec)
  • Dimensions (Length and Width): 72 mm x 38.5 mm
  • Dimensions (Depth) :14 mm